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Hi guys! I moved on over to a new site, come visit me at! Ruffly Owl Paper Co.


A few recent projects

Hey everyone! Recently I was asked if I'd be open to making wedding programs for a previous customer, Meghann. I made little blue tags with her and her fiance's initials and wedding date and they plan on tying them to fans at their ceremony this Saturday. When Meghann asked if I'd be interested in taking on this project of programs, I was flattered that she'd think of me. These were loaded with special information pertinent to their wedding both front and back. My biggest challenge was finding a way to fit all the content and make it aesthetically beautiful. After some tweaks and corrections, we finally came to a finished product that everyone loved! Above is a snapshot I took of them as I was packaging them up. 

The next picture is of a custom order from Kim. They are having a western themed wedding and after providing her a handful of western style fonts and samples she decided on these. Thank you Kim!

What you're seeing in the last picture is actually the back of the 'thank you' tags in my shop. This particular bride is tying the tags to jam jars at her wedding! Making these made me hungry and crave delicious jam myself. And yes, I always find double sided printing tricky.

Hope your day is going swell. :) 



  1. Oooh these are AWESOME! And make me really excited for the invitation inquiry I sent you! :) Great work!

  2. Aww! I love love love your work! I'm so glad I found your page because you have such talent!

    -Katie, www.hazelandmare.com